Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A new lecture series at SOEH

September in North America tends to be associated with the end of summer vacations, a return to school, and the resumption of routines. For me, I am back from a summer break that included several conferences and speaking engagements and am heading back to university for an evening class (on ergonomics) and attendance at a weekly midday seminar series that many of you may find of interest. For a student of workers' compensation and OH&S, this last item is of real interest.

For the past few years, the School of Environmental Health (SOEH- the new, shorter name for the School of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene) at the University of British Columbia has offered a free Friday Seminar Series. Anyone can drop in on campus or connect via the internet for a weekly hour-long seminar on topics related to occupational and environmental health.

Not only are the seminars interesting in themselves, attendance either in person or online can earn Certification Maintenance credits for a number of professional associations (ABIH, CRBOH, BCRSP have pre-approved the series and other associations may grant credits upon application). As an added bonus, past sessions are archived and freely available on line for anyone who wants to review them.

As with any online system, there can be glitches but I have participated in these seminars from Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, the eastern and southern US and from about half the provinces in Canada with minimal difficulty. The “live classroom support” is supported in part through funding provided by WorkSafeBC, a longtime partner of SOEH.

Check out the series at the following link.

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